The Live! weekly webinar will be paused for the month of December. I’ll be back Jan. 4, 2018. I hope you can join me then. In the meantime, enjoy the replays!

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My main website, Cindi Gay Rug Hooking, was first launched in 2001, became a blog in October 2007, then an online store, and now a classroom with online courses. Use the search box on that site to find what you are looking for.

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PS. Join a bit early for the pre-show. While I am checking my connection and getting ready, I sometimes we talk about things I would rather not have recorded. Recording does not start until the scheduled start time of the webinar.

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These videos are often excerpts from the Live! Weekly Rug Hooking Lesson. Many are full versions of this Live! event when I was experimenting with Google Hangouts.

Come see what I am pinning on Pinterest

My friend, Sue Ellen, introduced me to Pinterest many years ago. I was hooked. We spent the rest of my visit pouring over what Pinterest offered. If you don’t know about Pinterest, here’s my warning. This can easily become a time suck. So if you need to get lost for a while, it is perfect. If you have stuff to get done, don’t go there — just saying.



I’m still very new to Instagram and my brain does not think to post there. As I work it into my routine, I expect to be posting more often. Topics will include anything, rug hooking, Jack or the cats, my family or just a gorgeous sunrise.

My home remodel website

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This site chronicles the journey of our new home in the country. It was a mess. It needed a LOT of work. Here’s what my rug hooking studio looked like in the beginning….

This site has nt been updated in years. I’ll get back to it someday. I fell off track when my husband’s heart condition worsened. When he got better, I had to concentrate on my rug hooking business.

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Map to Cindi's rug hooking studioI am in NW Ohio near I-75 and Route 6. My studio is open whenever you need to stop by, just call first. I don’t keep regular hours. If I know you are coming, I’ll avoid popping out for lunch at Taco Bell.